Linda Dertinger and I would like to thank you for allowing us to be your National Sunbeam Promoters for 2021-2022. Our theme this year will be Sunbeam Warriors. Our little ones need to know the only way we can be warriors is to be strong in the Lord. As spiritual leaders  we need to pray for them and be the example that God would want us to be. We all need to stand strong and unite together to be a stronger force against Satan. We need to teach the godly morals and  values to be Christian warriors. Our project is the Moral Action Committee with $5,000.00 as our goal. Please be praying for us, our Sunbeams and our project.  With the decline of moral and ethical values in the US we would love to go beyond our goal to help support the MAC and what they stand for. They are warriors fighting a spiritual battle for us and our young ones. In this darkened the light of Jesus needs to be shining brighter. The MAC can go places and do more than a lot of us can but we can support them financially and with lots of prayers.
Linda Dertinger and Sandra Kizer
From the President of Evangelistic International Ministries:
August 5, 2021  
Dear National WMA and Sunbeams, 
      It is with deep appreciation and gratitude that we at Evangelistic International Ministries thank all of the WMA groups of the BMAA for choosing the Shepherd’s Bag Ministry of EIM as their National Sunbeam Project. Your generous gift of $1,675.00 is greatly appreciated and is a great blessing in the missions of EIM to share the Gospel with children around the world. 
      God has used EIM to share the Gospel in many ways, such as distributing Bibles, organizing mission trips, handing out Shepherd’s Bags with Gospel Story coloring books to children, conducting Overseas Bible Schools, having village to village evangelism, and training new pastors, who are eager to spread the Gospel throughout their communities. God is doing great things, and your support allows you to participate with EIM in being a part of His great work as He changes the lives of thousands through the saving power of Christ. 
      We would appreciate greatly if you would please share this letter of appreciation with all the WMA groups at your next meeting as we would like to thank them for their generous support.
      Thank you and may God bless you all. 
Michael Goodwin
Evangelistic International Ministries
(Due to unavailability to be put Bro. Goodwin’s actual letter onto web page, editor had to type it to put onto web page.)