Who We Are

A Sunbeam Missionary Auxiliary is a group of boys and girls birth through the third grade of school. The Sunbeam program is a training program designed to help the children develop a firm foundations of the Christian principles and doctrines found in the Bible upon which the Baptist Missionary Association of America is founded. The goal of the program is to train the child to live in his/her world—home, community and church—and to challenge the child to know more of God and how to live for Him.

Our Curriculum:

Three units of study are taught in Sunbeams: God’s Word, God’s Workers and God’s Witnesses. Bible study, church, missions, prayer, memory work and music are incorporated in these units. Lessons and visual aids are available here for Flicker to Beam age groups. Each book contains twelve lessons and four Star Awards reviews on each unit. Four additional Special Occasion lessons are also given: Valentine’s, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


The Sunbeam pin is given to any child who attends three consecutive meetings. The Sunbeam Sash is awarded after a child attends regularly for two months. A Sunbeam Star Awards presentation program may be presented at the end of the year. A Certificate of Accomplishment is presented at the end of the first of each two-year program. At the completion of the second year, a badge or star is presented for each area of study (Bible, church, missions, music, memory work and prayer. The badges or stars should be attached to the Sunbeam sash under the appropriate age division.


Sunbeam workshops are taught at GMA Camp at Daniel Springs Encampment in Gary, Texas, in June. We welcome you to attend to learn more about the Sunbeam program and our updates.

Sunbeam Motto:

“Ye are the light of the world.”
Matthew 5:14

Sunbeam Logo:

Sunbeam Colors:

 Green for growth
Gold for sincerity
White for purity